Norman's Revenge

Sylvia Black

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244 pages   (6 x 9)

This is a story about Norman, son of Norma who owned Bates Motel, from the time he was born up until a short while after he killed his mother and her lover in cold blood for betrayal in love. All Norman wanted to be was left alone. Every where he went people would pick on Norman. Norman was a quiet boy. He didn't bother anybody. Why did people have to single Norman out and always want to use Norman as a punching bag. Norman learned to have patience and not act impulsively. All Norman was doing was defending himself against those bullies. Now is the time for Norman to let people know he’s not a pushover. Now is the time for Norman to prove he is not what his mother turned out to be or tried to turn him into. Now is the time for Norman’s to get revenge.

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